The major interest of our group focuses is the study of post-translational modifications.  In particular proteins what covalently attached other proteins covalently. This family of proteins is known as Ubiquitin-like proteins mayor player on the Ubiquitin Proteasome system.

Oferta de anticuerpos Policlonales de alpaca.

Disponemos actualmente de anticuerpos policlonales de alpaca contra los siguientes epítopes:

-Anti- GFP


-Anti alpha-Synuclein

-Anti- C5

-Anti- Sp100

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Objectives of our laboratory

The covalent modification of proteins constitutes an emergent level of regulation. When a modificiation occurs the substrate and the modification converge into a new component, we could say a new spatial and temporal regulate protein able to create, trigger, enhances or repress the existent functions of the single components. Our long-term aim is to be able to study and control the complexity of the association between the modification and its substrates.



“Production of Nanobodies for post-translational modifications: Simple antibodies for big challenges”

Early detection and cellular disintegration of α-synuclein aggregates using nanobodies


Creación de una plataforma para la producción comercial de nanobodies en camélidos.


SUMO y lación del factor de transcripción TFEB 


Characterisation of Ubiquitin-proteasome pathways involved in the regulation and turnover of the prostate oncogene ERG